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Submission Deadline


October 31 2023

I want your best shots

Every photographer wants to get published, and I understand that desire. I was thrilled with the response to Camera Canada, Portrait of a nation. Now, we are doing this again with a follow-up called Camera Canada, Seasons.


256 Page, hard cover book with photos and stories from across Canada. The book will be a how-to guide for photographers and an art piece for readers.

What about photo credit?

All photographers whose images are used in the book will receive co-author credit on the book.

What about editing?

I encourage you to edit photos prior to submission. However, any overly processed images such as HDR, unrealistically edited or fake images will not be selected.

The Rules!

  • Photos must be your work and not be previously published (facebook is fine)
  • All Photos must be Canadian content
  • If people are identifiable in the photo they must be aware of publication or have given consent
  • Must be a member of Camera Easy Facebook group or have taken a live workshop
  • A maximum of 3 images per photographer will be selected. Submit your best work
  • There are no restrictions on when the images are taken. Meaning, older photos will be accept

What type of photo should you submit?

  • Photographers should keep in mind that this book is meant to highlight camera skills
  • Canada is large and diverse. The more far afield or diverse the subject matter, the better.
  • Focus. Technically the photo must be focused appropriately.
  • Blur is only good if its on purpose. Otherwise, blurry images will not be selected
  • Poorly exposed photos. Too bright or dark will not be selected.
  • Story. If the photo has a great story it has a better chance than a pretty picture
  • Get creative. Use a flash, filters, slow shutters, leading lines, interesting lighting.
  • If it screams Canada, the photo has a better chance of making it into the book
  • The theme is 'Seasons', therefore, photos that have a seasonal component are better
  • Emotion. Images that have an emotional component are always great

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Tell us what's happening, who is involved, where it happened and how you got the shot. Include information like any special technique you used. Keep the description simple and to the point. USE GOOD GRAMMAR AND SPELLING. If you are unsure, have someone read your caption and help you edit. (2000 Character max)

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