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Greg Johnson

Greg starred in the television series Tornado Hunters featured on Netflix. He is a storm chaser, photographer,  workshop leader, adventure guide and keynote speaker. Greg is the author of three books including his latest book, Camera Canada, which was be released in 2019

My mission is to share my passion for photography with anyone that owns a camera. Anyone can take great photos and I can prove it!

Greg Johnson

It's Camera Canada time again!

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Keynote Speaking

Take your event to the next level with a keynote address from award winning speaker Greg Johnson, The Tornado Hunter.

In-Person Camera Workshops

In-Person camera workshops are back in cities across Canada.

Photo Adventure Tours

Take the photo adventure of a lifetime to destinations including, Newfoundland, Yukon, Tornado Alley, Hawaii, Alaska and the Caribbean.

Live Online Lessons

Take advantage of your time. Join one of dozens of online lessons, where you can learn within a small group about a variety of camera/photo topics.

"When you said you chase tornadoes, deep down I always thought it was a metaphor" - Twister 1996


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Customers reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. Greg is so enthusiastic and makes the class interesting, informative, educational and amusing! I would recommend this workshop to anyone who likes taking photos. I will for sure take this workshop again once I practice some of the techniques I learned.
Wanda Longworth
Medicine Hat, AB
Greg talked my level, never over my head and repeated the steps many times. He never made me feel that I wouldn't be able to get it but explained how I might improve. He was helpful and gave encouragement to keep me striving to get better and better. Thank you Greg
Brandon, MB
I had used "manual mode some of the time but found it time consuming getting the settings correct. Greg simplified that and now I doubt that I will hardly ever use auto mode. I got sunburned today experimenting for 3 hrs in the sun and enjoying every minute of it. A great big thank you to Greg . The whole workshop was well set up.
Marlyn Toderan
Regina, SK

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My Portfolio

Every spring I make a journey into the heart of tornado alley. My goal is to document the most violent storms on earth. This is a small portfolio of my work. A larger portfolio can be found here.