Greg Johnson

The Tornado Hunter
The word tornado strikes fear into most people, however, I have made a career out of photographing the most intense storms on earth. The results will leave you in awe and hopefully inspire you a bit as well.

Youtube Tornadoes

Welcome to “The Most Entertaining Weather Podcast” on the web! Storm Front Freaks is a team of amateur and professional storm enthusiasts from various backgrounds hosting exciting guests from the weather industry. Our bi-weekly show records LIVE Thursday evenings (every other week) on YouTube with the edited audio show available on iTunes and other podcast apps the following Sunday. 

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CBC Canada Reads

Five books, five champions, one winner: CBC’s annual Battle of the Books has been getting people listening, watching and, of course, reading, for the past 18 years.

Canada Reads is a “literary Survivor,” with celebrities championing books. Each day, panellists vote to eliminate one book, until a single title is chosen as the title the whole country should read this year. 

In 2001, CBC producers noticed the popularity of One Book One Community programs, where everyone in a city or town is invited to read and talk about one book. It was also the early days of reality TV shows. The producers thought it would be cool to get a whole country to read together. And to make it interesting, the focus would be about choosing the one book very publicly, in an on-air debate.

The final ingredient was inviting celebrities who were avid readers but not the “usual suspects” when it came to talking about books on the CBC. Athletes and musicians, humanitarians and comedians, a hip hop artist and an astronaut have defended books in the Canada Reads no-holds-barred debates.

Greg will tailor his address to meet the needs of your event and will find the connection with your audience that will have them asking for more.